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Healthy Solutions is the largest provider of flu shots in the region. We conduct onsite flu shot clinics at drug stores, supermarkets, corporations, schools, governments, hospitals, doctor offices, assisted living facilities and a wide variety of community locations.


  • Largest provider in the region
  • Only use NURSES...experienced, trained, and professional
  • Never a “no-show”...You can count on us
  • Maintain professional liability insurance
  • Licensed Medical Director
  • Community partner with city, county, and state health departments


  • At your office or location
  • Small to large groups
  • Customized clinic to meet your needs
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Accommodate multiple shifts and locations
  • Accept most insurances
  • Customized payment options for those without insurance
  • Coupons available to our public clinics for those unable to attend
  • On-line Scheduling Available
  • Flu Hotline – Frequently Asked Questions

National Influenza Summit Group

Healthy Solutions is part of a select group of providers that is invited to join the CDC and AMA each year to address & resolve influenza vaccine issues and assist in determining the flu shot recommendations for the upcoming year.

Healthy Solutions making a difference locally, regionally and on a national level.