Flu clinics for Employers

NO COST option…Healthy Solutions is contracted with most major insurance companies. Call today to learn more!


We come to you! Your employees don’t have to sit in the doctor’s office or clinic wasting time and exposure to illness and disease.


Customized flu shot clinics to meet your specific needs, dates and times.

  • On-line Scheduling Available
  • We have never rescheduled an employer flu shot clinic due to a vaccine shortage
  • We have never had a “no-show” … You can count on us!
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Why have a flu shot clinic?

  • Reduce Sick Days and Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Physician and Emergency Room Visits
  • Strengthens Employee Relationships
  • Enhance Wellness Programs
  • Protect yourself, your family and those around you

Flu cost statistics

  • For each employee vaccinated an employer can save…$63-$95 per person
  • Average worker paid sick leave cost…$135 per day
  • The mean number of lost work days…2.8
  • Percentage of sick days related to flu like illness…39%
  • Percent of US residents that will become ill with influenza each year…10%-20%
  • The mean hospital charge for flu related illness… $11,234.53